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Hi and welcome to Dunk Tank Extreme, the haven for seeing clips and pics of sexy girls getting wild and wet in the Dunk Tank.


Poor Scarlett always seems to end up naked when she has fun in the Dunk Tank...

Have you checked out Dunk Tank babes ?
Dunk Tank Babes is the haven for seeing clips and pics of sexy girls getting wet fully clothed. There is everything from Jeans and T shirts through to fancy dress outfits and Bikini's. 


We have some great video clips at our download store for you. The lovely Tina is great in her wedding dress and guess what guys, she ends up taking it off to reveal some sexy lingerie. On another clip Tina is joined by Scarlett who strips Tina and has some fun with her.




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Don't forget guys, you can book the Dunk Tank for Custom Shoots and private sessions with the tank. For more information have a look at the Custom Shoot page.

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